About Us

I'm a passionate runner, plain and simple. I want other runners to take pride in their accomplishments and help promote running as a healthy lifestyle. 

I know you can get oval running stickers all kinds of different places, but quite frankly, I think ours looks better. (Yes, I'm a graphic designer by day). Plus, you're buying from another runner who loves this sport as much as you do. 

I'm a 20-25 mile/week runner. My half-marathon PR is 1:52 and change. I'm looking to go 1:45 within the next six months. And then maybe step up to a full in the next year. 

So here's to your next PR! Come back again, when you're ready to upgrade that mileage ;-).

If you've got an unique running product that you think our buyers would like please shoot us an email. We're always on the look out for new vendors.